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Scan of front page of City of Zion brochure, from an album of newspaper cuttings relating to the Rev. J.A. Dowie : taken from the Chicago Daily News, the Register and the Advertiser, 1901-1907

Photograph of John Alexander Dowie

Current National Historic site. In 1877, over 300 African American's from Kentucky, relocated to western Kansas and established the town of Nicodemus. The Nicodemus National Historic Site remains the the oldest and only remaining Black settlementā€¦

Shiloh_Chapel_(26352797524) (1).jpg
The home of Frank Stanford's ministry in Shilo Maine. Charles Parham was particularly inspired by Stanford's ministry.
The Shiloh Temple, now Shiloh Chapel, is a historic religious facility at 38 Beulah Lane in Durham, Maine. Built in 1897, theā€¦
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