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"Christianity in China: A Case Study of indigenous Christianity: The Jesus Family, 1927-1952" by Daniel H. Bays; "Burning Bush Society: 1987-1988"; "Essay Topic: 'Religion and the Economy"; Excellent Response to KSR Fall Conferences"; Lyle E.…

"Mainline Churches Stymie Theology" by James A. Sanders; "KSR Slates '89 Lecturer"; "Board of Trustee Announced"; "Fall Conferences Available"; "Essay Winners Recognized: 'Religion and the Economy' is '89 Topic"; "Suggestions for Planning Your…

"Religion: The Wave of the Soviet Future" by Bil Fletcher; "KSR Sets Lectures: 'What does it mean to Monotheize?' is topic"; "Conferences Supported"; "Fall Conferences Planned"; "Essay Deadline Nears"; "Traverse Log"

"Spiritual Dimensions in Health Care" by Peggy Erickson; "The Spiritual Connection of Eternity" by Stephen E. Fletcher; "'Religion and the Constitution' 1987 Essay Contest"; "KSR Scholar Named"; "Board Adds New Member"; "Traverse Log"

"Church-State Relations by the Year 2000" by Robert F. Drinan, "To Extend Your Influence" "KSR Recognizes Essay Contest Winners: 'Religion and the Nuclear Age' 1986 Topic"; "1987 KSR Lecturer"; "Burning Bush Bunch"; "Programs Financed by the KSR";…

"Maintaining Stewardship During Farm Crisis" by John M. Stitz; "Koyama's Visit Marks Church Anniversary"; "Fall Conference Slated"; "Essay Contest Announced"; "Drinan to Lecture April 15"; "Traverse Log"

"Theological Issues and Christian-Jewish Dialouge" by S. Daniel Breslauer; "Reflections of Nicaragua" by Eldon Epp; "Religion Essay Contest in 1985 for Kansas High School Students"; "Religious Studies Outreach"; "Traverse Log"
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