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"Charles M. Shelton's 'In His Steps': Kansas's Great Accidental Bestseller" by Timothy Miller; "Mini-conferences Begin February 13"; "Teacher's Workshops in April"; "Macquarrie Lectures, April 9 and 10"; "KSR Scholars 1983-84"; "Traverse Log"

"The Bible as Literature" by Albert B. Cook III; "KSR Scholars"; "State of A Nondiscriminatory Policy"; "NCPRE Moves to Smith Hall"; "Traverse Log"; "Religious Leadership Conference"; "recent Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible"; "Jesus and theā€¦

"In Defense of Judeo-Christian Ethic" by William Bennett; "James E. Wood to Deliver KSR Lectures April 7 & 8"; "Contest Details Provided"; "Four Scholars Added"; "'Something From out Hands'"; "Conference Focuses on Violence"; "Traverse Log"
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