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"Utilizing Conflict in the Church" by James R. Hartley; "1989-1990 Burning Bush Society"; "Compassion and Fatigue: Maintaining your Compassion Quotient"

"Conviction, Civility, and Compromise" by James L. Muyskens; "Kansas School of Religion in he 1970's and 1980's" by W. Stitt Robinson; "Excellent Response to KSR Fall Conferences"; "Faculty Members in the Department of Religious Studies at KU";…

"Christianity in China: A Case Study of indigenous Christianity: The Jesus Family, 1927-1952" by Daniel H. Bays; "Burning Bush Society: 1987-1988"; "Essay Topic: 'Religion and the Economy"; Excellent Response to KSR Fall Conferences"; Lyle E.…

"The Dilemma of Contemporary Jewish Ethics: A Texture by Eugene B. Borowitz" by Rosie Hurwitz; "Report 1984-1985"; "Highlights"; "Thank you"; "A Way to Extend Your Influence"; "Coming"; "Traverse Log"

"In Search of Humanity" by John Macquarrie; "Two Conferences on Spirituality and Health"; "Update on Religion in Schools"; "If You Are Interested"; "Report: KSR Programs 1983-84"; "KSR Burning Bush Contributors"; "Suggested Ways to Give"; "Traverse…

"1983 Annual Report Issue: Twenty Past Schempp/Murray 1963-1983"; "On Being Thankful For Schempp" by David Barr; "Textus Receptus" by Thayer S. Warshaw; "Win, Lose, Stalemate?- Religious Studies in Public Schools Since 1963" by Charles R. Kniker;…

"Fundamentalism in the American Past" by Calder M. Pickett; "Kansas School of Religion Program Summary"; "Traverse Log"; "Members of the Fellowship of Moses 1980-81"; "Burning Bush Society- 1980-81"

"State of the School Message" by William C. Fletcher; "The Sects and Cults: A Dissenting Evaluation" by Timothy Miller; "Intersession Tour of India Planned"; "Burning Bush Society"; "Kansas School of Religion: Board of Trustees";

"History in Stained Glass"; "Board of Trustees"; "From the Editor"; "Burning Bush Society"; "Fellowship of Moses"; Expenditures 1977-1978"; "Annual Report"; "Resources of the Kansas School of Religion"; "New Faculty"
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