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herrmann_kansas_community_histories_published (1).pdf
History of the Baha'i faith in Kansas from 1897-1947 by Duane L. Herrmann

Hugh Chance bio.pdf
Biography of Hugh Chance by Duane L. Herrman

Kanhistique article 1997.pdf
Biography of Elizabeth Killius Frey and Elsbeth Frey by Duane L. Herrmann

Not Quite So New in KS 2004 Our Way With Words.pdf
History of Baha'i faith in Kansas by Duane L. Herrmann for Kansas Authors Club

herrmann_leavenworth_trail Wagon Magazine 2018.pdf
Historical fiction of Baha'is in Kansas by Duane L. Herrmann

By Thy Strengthening Grace.pdf
History of the Baha'i faith in Topeka, Kansas from 1906-2006 by Duane L. Herrmann

'Abdu'l-Baha Writes to Wichita.pdf
History of early Baha'i community and faith in Wichita, Kansas by Duane L. Herrmann

Account of the early Baha'is of Enterprise, Kansas by Duane L. Herrmann. Originally published to commemorate the centennial of the Baha'i community of Enterprise, Kansas, the second in the western hemisphere.

World_Order2_Vol31_Issue1 Turbulent Prairie.pdf
Journal article by Duane L. Herrmann about Kansas newspaper coverage of the Baha'i faith in the late 19th century.

WO whole doc.pdf
Article by Duane L. Herrmann on the architecture of Baha'i houses of worship.
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