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A historical photograph of Washburn College, Topeka KS

A page from The Alliance Songster. Currently, the collection is incomplete but holds 45 populist political songs advocating a change from the status quo and promoting the ideas of the Populist or People's Party.

The Capitol building in Topeka Kansas

An advertisement for the W. W. Gavitt Medical Company located at 5th and Madison Streets in Topeka, Kansas. This is an advertisement for Gavitt's System Regulator, advertised to cure "all blood, stomach, kidney, and liver troubles."

San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. Looking Down Sacramento Street, April 18, 1906.

James 5.jpg
James 5:7 English Revised Version

Aimee Semple McPherson in front of a dedication plaque installed in a column at the newly opened Angelus Temple in 1923. The main inscription on the plaque reads "Dedicated onto the cause of INTER-DENOMINATIONAL and World Wide EVANGELISM." Aimeeā€¦

A photo of Wilbur Voliva. He is known for being a flat earth advocate. He also challenged Charles Parham for control of Zion City IL after James Dowie the founder steps down from power.
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