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"William J. Moore Library- Past, Present, Future" by Jean Gelbart; "KSR Conference on Grieving"; "News"; "Graduate Student Report 1994-1995"

"Lectures Sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas" by S. Daniel Breslauer; "News"; "Book Reviews"; "Meet the Faculty"

"Myth in the Biblical and Jewish Traditions"; "Book Reviews"; "New Courses"; "In Memoriam"

"Religious Conflict in Contemporary India" by Robert D. Baird; "News"; "Book Reviews"; "Meet the Faculty"

"Authority, Creativity, and Originality: The Case of Martin Luther King, Jr." by Ralph E. Luker; "Computer Network Resources for Biblical Studies"; "Conferences and Lectures"; "Departmental News"; "Book and Video Reviews"; "Islam and the Media" by…

"Envisioning the Past in Creating the Future" by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza; "The First International Conference on Magic in the Ancient World"; "Book Reviews"; "Meet the Faculty"

"A New Look at Boards and Councils in Local Congregations" by Charles M. Olsen; "Excerpts from "Adult Life Changes Through a Spiritual Lens""; "Harvard Divinity School Professor To Present Kansas School of Religion Lecture"

"Using the Social Sciences to Read the New Testament: The Emergence of a New Perspective on Early Christianity" by John L. Allen Jr.; "Call for Papers: Magic in the Ancient World"

"The Major World Religion that Vanished: Gnostic Manichaeism" by Paul Allan Mirecki

"Visions and Visionary Experience in Religion" by Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz; "1991 and the Faculty of Religious Studies"; "Visions and Visionary Experience in Religion: An Interdisciplinary Conference"
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