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Account of the early Baha'is of Enterprise, Kansas by Duane L. Herrmann. Originally published to commemorate the centennial of the Baha'i community of Enterprise, Kansas, the second in the western hemisphere.

World_Order2_Vol31_Issue1 Turbulent Prairie.pdf
Journal article by Duane L. Herrmann about Kansas newspaper coverage of the Baha'i faith in the late 19th century.

WO whole doc.pdf
Article by Duane L. Herrmann on the architecture of Baha'i houses of worship.

Letters 19th cent KS.pdf
Article by Duane L. Herrmann about letters by Barbara Ehrsam of Enterprise, Kansas.

Old Myers Hall date unknown.pdf
Old Myers Hall, home of the Kansas School of Religion and the Kansas Bible Chair before 1967

Kansas flag.png
The flag of Kansas

Oral history interview with Camille Eichorn conducted by Renee Cyr on July 11, 2019 at Wheatfields Bakery in Lawrence. Camille is currently a solitary practitioner, but has contacts in many local Pagan groups. Questions cover her personal beliefs,…

An oral history interview with Jim Mosher conducted by Renee Cyr on July 21, 2019 at the Topeka Shawnee Public Library. Jim is High Priest of Coven Ancora Imparo, a member of the Web of Oz, and a co-owner of Enchanted Willow a metaphysical shop in…

Oral history interview with Jeannie Hazelwood conducted by Renee Cyr at the Topeka Public Library on July 8, 2019. Jeannie is a principal organizer for Pagans in the Park and is involved in many Pagan groups as well as Topeka Interfaith. Questions…
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