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This live interview with Dr. Dorthy Pennington, the Religion in Kansas: Faith in the Free State project Humanities Consultant, was recorded in June 2022 and broadcast on Zoom. During her hour and a half interview, Dr. Pennington answers questions,…

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As a healthcare professional, Pastor Runion has been concerned about Covid-19. As a pastor, Pastor Runion has been concerned about what he can do to alleviate pandemic related issues in his church and community. Emily and Grace met with Pastor…

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For the second interview in this series, Emily and Grace (along with Darby Breaux-Vickers and Dr. Michael Zogry) lead an interview with Pastor Leo Barbee Jr. of Victory Bible Church in Lawrence. Pastor Barbee gives his insight to modern issues as a…

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The interns Emily and Grace, along with Darby Breaux-Vickers, Dr. Dorthy Pennington, and Dr. Michael Zogry, discuss New Mount Zion Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, with senior pastor Reverend Delmar White over a Zoom conversation. Topics of…

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Using Dr. Dorthy Pennington’s 1982 work on churches in the area, this introductory episode provides a brief description of each church in the area. Dr. Pennington, the humanities consultant for the project, has been studying the African American…

Lane University, built on the foundation of the territorial capital in Lecompton, Kansas. Now used as the Territorial Capital Museum. On NRHP.

Drawing of Blue Mont Central College, 1891

This is a postcard with a bird's eye view of Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. The postcard was addressed to Miss Laura Wolverton in Batavia, Illinois.

Shawnee Methodist mission: Home of missionary and teachers at Shawnee Mission. Erected in 1839; picture from 1906. From “The Methodist Missions among the Indian tribes in Kansas” Topeka, 1906

Drawing of original Shawnee Indian Church; from a drawing made from a description furnished by Rev. L. B. Stateler, who was missionary to the Shawnee tribe, and erected it in 1840-41. It was sometimes used as a council-house.
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