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Lane University, built on the foundation of the territorial capital in Lecompton, Kansas. Now used as the Territorial Capital Museum. On NRHP.

Drawing of Blue Mont Central College, 1891

This is a postcard with a bird's eye view of Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. The postcard was addressed to Miss Laura Wolverton in Batavia, Illinois.

Shawnee Methodist mission: Home of missionary and teachers at Shawnee Mission. Erected in 1839; picture from 1906. From “The Methodist Missions among the Indian tribes in Kansas” Topeka, 1906

Drawing of original Shawnee Indian Church; from a drawing made from a description furnished by Rev. L. B. Stateler, who was missionary to the Shawnee tribe, and erected it in 1840-41. It was sometimes used as a council-house.

Portrait of Rev. Jesse Green, one of the founders of the Methodist Indian missions in Kansas. From “The Methodist Missions among the Indian tribes in Kansas” Topeka, 1906.

Photograph of Rev. Thomas Johnson, from “The Methodist Missions among the Indian tribes in Kansas” Topeka, 1906. For twenty-six years missionary among the Shawnee and other Indian tribes of Kansas; one of the prominent names in American Methodism of…

Drawing of Shawnee prophet Ten-Squa-Ta-Wa from the book "Methodist Missions among the Indian Tribes in Kansas"

Digital image of the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas

View of the First National Temperance Camp meeting held at Bismarck Grove near Lawrence, Kansas.
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