Pagan Holidays

Wheel_of_the_year color.png

A depiction of the eight Wiccan sabbats: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon


Known as the Wheel of Life

Celebrate the solstice, equinox and the cross quarters

Times of increased ritual power

These dates are often used for large gatherings
Each corresponds to agricultural events and mark the phases of the Goddess and God

At Samhain...Oct 31 The Wiccan new year, the Lord dies only to be reborn of the Lady again at Yule.

At Yule...Dec. 21 (give or take a few days) which occurs at the time of the winter solstice in December, the Lady gives birth to the lord and rests from her labor.

At Imbolc...Feb. 2, the Lord is seen as a small boy, the Lady recovers from giving birth.

Ostara...Mar. 21 (give or take a few days) marks the first day of spring and the awakening of the earth. At this time, the Lord is seen as a growing youth.

At Beltane...April 30 the Lord has grown to manhood. He falls in love with the Lady, and they unite, producing the bounty of nature. The Lady becomes pregnant again by the Lord.

The Summer Solstice... June 21 (give or take a few days) is the point in midsummer when everything in Nature is at its peak, growing and lush. The lady and Lord are at the height of their powers.

Lughnasadh...Aug. 2 is the day in August of the first harvest. The first grains are cut, and the Lord begins to weaken.

At Mabon...Sept.21 the second harvest, the Lord is coming to his end. The days grow shorter, and Earth readies for the slumber of winter.

moon phases.jpg

Depiction of the phases of the moon. While it is common for Wiccans to gather or hold rituals on the full moon, each phase has its own magickal connotation.


Esbats are times of celebration of the Goddess and her energy

Many witches do prefer to work with the full Moon, but, as a Witch, you can work with any phase of the Moon you like

You've probably noticed that the energy of the full Moon is quite strong. On full-Moon night police departments and hospitals often have their hands full.

In Wicca, each phase of the Moon is noted, because different kinds of Moon energy are used for different kinds of magick.

The New Moon:

The energy of the new moon is great for new beginnings, initiating a new project, or the start of an adventure.

The Waxing Moon:

The waxing Moon, when the Moon is growing larger in the sky, is a time for growth. Under this Moon, you want to work with building on what you have started under the new Moon

The Full Moon:

When the Moon is full, her energy is very powerful and you can ask her to help you accomplish almost anything. The energy of the Full Moon is great for magick involving divination, dreams, and love, and what ever else you want.

The Waning Moon:

Taking Away....When the Moon is waning, or getting smaller, you want to work with banishing magick. This is the time to get rid of negative things in your life.

Pagan Holidays