Oral Histories

Aldous Stormcalmer- Aldous is Arch Priest and founder of Ancient Path Coven, with locations in Kansas and across the country. Questions discuss PIE religions, the structure and founding of the coven, beliefs, practices, and their relationship with the larger community.


Nick Thomsen- Nick is a member of Coven of the White Roose in Lawrence. Questions discuss Nick's personal beliefs and practices as well as the structure and activities of the Coven of the White Rose. Warning: contains some explicit language.


Milton Nokes- Milton is one of the principal members on the planning team for Pagans in the Park. Questions discuss his personal beliefs, the Topeka Pagan community, and Pagans in the Park. Warning: contains some explicit language.


Jeannie Hazelewood- Jeannie is a principal organizer for Pagans in the Park and is involved in many Pagan groups as well as Topeka Interfaith. Questions involve her personal beliefs, the Topeka Pagan community, Pagans in the Park, and rituals. 


Camille Eichorn- Camille is currently a solitary practitioner, but has contacts in many local Pagan groups. Questions cover her personal beliefs, childhood experience, her individual practice, and the larger Pagan community.  Warning: contains strong language and political commentary. 


Jim Mosher- Jim is High Priest of Coven Ancora Imparo, a member of the Web of Oz, and a co-owner of Enchanted Willow a metaphysical shop in Topeka. Questions cover his personal religious beliefs, ritual practices, the operation of Coven Ancora Imparo, discrimination, and the Pagan community.


Oral Histories