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"Mainline Churches Stymie Theology" by James A. Sanders; "KSR Slates '89 Lecturer"; "Board of Trustee Announced"; "Fall Conferences Available"; "Essay Winners Recognized: 'Religion and the Economy' is '89 Topic"; "Suggestions for Planning Your…

"Theological Issues and Christian-Jewish Dialouge" by S. Daniel Breslauer; "Reflections of Nicaragua" by Eldon Epp; "Religion Essay Contest in 1985 for Kansas High School Students"; "Religious Studies Outreach"; "Traverse Log"

"The Lay Perspective Regarding Theological Education" by William W. Hambleton;

"On Styles of Theological Reflection for the Future: A report on and response to a Consultation" By Robert L. Shelton

"Religion and the Humanities" by Nathan A. Scott Jr.; "Conference on Medicine and Religion"
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