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"A Defect in our Educational System", religion and education in the United States

"On Teaching Religion at the State University"' article by Law Professor Robert C. Casad; preface by William J. Moore.

"Religion in Liberal Arts Education" by Troy Organ, PhD.; annual report of the Kansas school of Religion.

"Theology and the University" by Carl Bangs, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Saint Paul School of Theology Methodist, Kansas City, Missouri; "The Institute on Religion, Education, and the Law"

"Teaching Religion at a Tax-Supported University -- One Way" by William J. Moore; "The Conference on Medicine and Religion"; "C.Y. Thomas at the Helm"

"Religion in the Public Schools: Educational Issues" by Evertt J. Krocher, Professor of Education, Ohio State University; Kansas School of Religion Annual Report, 1964-1965

"A Decade in Prospect"; "The Fourth Dimension"

"Studying and Teaching Religion at State Universities: Developments 1958-1965" by Stanley W. Thomas, Chairman of the Faculty of the Idaho School of Religion at the University of Idaho; "Symbiosis" by Chancellor W. Clark Wescoe, The University of…

"The Notre Dame Conference on Theological Issues of the Second Vatican Council"; "KU-KSR Ecumenical Conference"; "KSR Meets a Need" by Governor William Avery

"Protestantism and the Ecumenical Movement" by Joseph Sittler; "Another Conference on Medicine and Religion"; "A Graduate Degree in Religion"; "A Course in the Dialogue"
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