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"The Frist Ecumenical Protest Discussion of Other Religions: Some Unexpected Findings" by James W. Woelfel

"A Historical-Religious Approach and Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians" by Francis T. Fallon; "Religion and World Crisis: A Traveling Faculty Seminar"; "Spring/Summer Events"; "Traverse Log"; "Religious Leadership Conference"; "Religion in…

"A Defect in our Educational System", religion and education in the United States

"On Teaching Religion at the State University"' article by Law Professor Robert C. Casad; preface by William J. Moore.

"Religion in Liberal Arts Education" by Troy Organ, PhD.; annual report of the Kansas school of Religion.

"On Styles of Theological Reflection for the Future: A report on and response to a Consultation" By Robert L. Shelton

"The 'Invincible Sun' in Camus' Thought" by James Woelfel; "Moses Statue Progress Report"

"Religion and the American Revolution" by W. Stitt Robinson; "School of Religion Future"; "The Kansas Center for Public Education Religion Studies"

"Biography of a Clergyperson: Carlyle Marney" by Homer D. Henderson; "Cow Veneration in India" by Robert N. Minor, "What's Going on in Religious Study: A Series of Mini-Conferences- and a Graduate-Credit Course"; "Watch for Moses"; "New Roof For…
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