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"Church-State Relations by the Year 2000" by Robert F. Drinan, "To Extend Your Influence" "KSR Recognizes Essay Contest Winners: 'Religion and the Nuclear Age' 1986 Topic"; "1987 KSR Lecturer"; "Burning Bush Bunch"; "Programs Financed by the KSR";…

"Program Report 1982"; "Dedication Ceremony Held for Moses Statue" by Joleen A. Robinson; "Son of Woman on First Bible chair Board Reminisces"; "Donor of Burning Bush Window Made Known"; "Burning Bush Society 1981-82"; "Traverse Log"

"Statue to be dedicated May 12"; "William Coffin to Launch KSR Lectureship May 12"; "Anonymous Donor of Burning Bush Window to be Revealed"; "The New Testament: A Product of its Times" by John Hanson; "Annual Banquet of the Burning Bush Brunch";…
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